Winter Break

winter breakThe studio will be closed February 17th, 18th & 19th for winter break.

Enjoy the lovely winter days!

February News

latest news· Feb.1st- 7th Viewing Window Open

· Feb 1st -10th Tuition Due

· Feb. 9th-Dad/daughter rehearsal

Show 1-4:00pm, Show 2-4:30pm, Show 3-5:00pm

  • Feb. 17, 18, 19 – Studio Closed – Winter Break

Picture Days!

camera_-_cheese!Picture day line up is posted in the stand up gold frame in the lobby1

Picture days are March 8th, March 22nd & March 29th

The March 15th date has been cancelled.

Is your costume ready? Are alterations done? Got new tights and correct color shoes?

Don’t forget to press it! Hair, Make-up SMILE!!

Competition Happenings

  • competition-time1· February 19th– Full dress rehearsal specials 4:30pm (No groups)
  • · February 21-23– Turn It Up Comp, South Lyon East High School (specials and select  groups)
  • · March 7th—Full dress rehearsal 3pm (No solos)
  • · March 14th-15th– Creation Comp, Milford High

Our online Store

71409851-let-s-go-shoppingWhat should my dancer wear to class?

We now have an online store!

Click the "Store" tab along the top of the site for more information.

Attendance at the Studio

 attendance_iconThe studio is a professional atmosphere and coming to class on time is very important for all ages.

Walking into a class 5 or 10 minutes is disruptive and unfair to the class and your child. We don’t want you to miss class. However,

please take this into consideration, if you are going to be late.

Please take note of the following:

Studio policy states 4 tardy arrivals equals 1 unexcused absence.

A total of 5 excused absences only may be made up. 8 unexcused absences maybe cause for not performing in recital.

Proper Dance Attire is a must!

LEOTARDWe here at Debbie Felton’s Academy of Dance take much pride in educating your child in the art dance. A large part of being a dancer is what you wear to class.  We require all dancers to wear leotard of their choice with tights and the proper shoes for the style of dance classes taken.  Dancers in jazz, tap and hip hop classes may choose to wear tank tops and appropriate shorts over their leotard and tights.  All Cecchetti ballet dancers are required to wear black leotard and pink tights. Thank you for abiding to this requirement, this creates a more focused dancer.  Also, please DO NOT wear your dance shoes out of the building. Dance shoes are for dance floors and the outside will ruin your shoes and the dance floor too.  Happy dancing!

Dance Shoes are Special!

ballet-slippersYour shoes are important!

Please do not wear your dance shoes outside!

They can get ruined from the oils and dirt on the ground, and also can damage the dance floor.

Please wear a pair of street shoes and change into your dance shoes at the studio.